Spending too much time with email? collab.email is here to help

Back in 2008 we’ve created Social Whale, which was an extension over social media. As we were too early, and for many other reasons, we’ve failed.

A couple of startups later and here we are starting a new venture. After all we are VentureGeeks right? This time we are going for an extension over email. I hope we are not too early, but I am sure we are not too late either.

The problem

There are so many ways we use email every day, but still there is no way to do this with your team. How do you know what a customer replied to your colleague? Or how do you delegate work that reaches you through email? What about support. Do you use a tool that none of your engineers ever opens, or you keep the feedback for the “founders” of your startup?
The current solutions contain an “email killer” and a lot of copy paste in chat rooms and task management tools. But wouldn’t it be more sane to just do the job straight from your inbox?

Enter Collab email

Collab.email is a new service that aims to solve all the email related problems in the context of a team. Our product is still under heavy development but as you can see in the video it can make your life easier:

We’ve just started our private beta, so if you are familiar with the problems we mentioned above please be our guest and signup now.